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“Lighter, more comfortable and featuring a different buckling system over traditional knee pads, Ogre Shield brings a truly unique spin to the knee pad market and aims to provide a better knee pad for everyone.” Full review at https://tilersplace.com/ogre-shield-knee-pads-review/

Andrew Grandjean

"I bought these after our home was flooded because I knew I’d need them when I replace almost a 1,000 square feet of laminate flooring. In the meantime they’ve become indispensable when prepping base boards and other things close to the ground for painting and grout cleaning. I love the way they fit. The velcro makes them easy to adjust for fit and comfort."

A. Churney

"I needed pads that were comfortable to wear while walking and moving 80% of the time with lot of short stints of taking a knee to fix stuff on the ground. I had one 300+ foot crawl and the pads stayed in place. I wore them under my jeans and they worked very well."

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