10 Things Everyone Needs to Keep in Their Car

You never know when inconvenience, tragedy, or emergencies will happen.  Since you can't predict them, you may as well be prepared for them, right? These are the 10 things everyone needs to keep in their car. 

1.  First Aid Kit: You don't have to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, but carrying a simple and complete first aid kit can go a long way. You never know when you'll need it - for yourself, your passengers, or an accident you stumble upon. This first aid kit kit is very compact, but still holds 300 items.

2. Jumper Cables: Don't be a "someone else will have them" person. Be that someone else, and carry your own set of jumper cables in your vehicle. You might just need them for your own jump, or better yet, you can be the hero for a stranded motorist!

3. Spare Tire/Jack/Lug Wrench: Unless you're The Hulk, you will need some help jacking up your vehicle when you need to change a tire. These are the necessities required for an easy fix! Should you not have room for that spare, you can always go with a can of this incredible Slime!

4. Knee Pads: Changing a tire is already an inconvenience. Protect your knees (and your clothing!) with a solid pair of easy on, easy off knee pads.  Luckily, Ogre Shield has the perfect pair to easily store in your trunk for tire changes!

5. Kitty Litter (yes, really!): You may have seen kitty litter used at gas stations or mechanic shops to help soak up gas and oil. It's also great for helping you gain traction on muddy or slick surfaces! 

6. Blanket: A blanket comes in handy should you break down during the colder months or at night. It'll also be a great way to cover your seats should you need to get back in after getting wet from rain or dirty from repairs. You'll always find a useful reason to keep that blanket back there!

7. Duct Tape:  Duct tape is the go-to item for temporary, quick fix solutions. Tape a broken mirror or headlight, seal up a window, or secure a ripped seat. It's not permanent, but it'll work until you can properly fix the issue!

8. Fire Extinguisher: If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a fire extinguisher, then you REALLY need a fire extinguisher. Keep one in the trunk, learn how to use it, and you'll feel more secure just knowing it's there. Home Depot has a great selection.

9. Flashlight: Murphy's law basically says that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Keep a strong flashlight in your car, so that if Murphy's law curses you at night, at least you're ready! And don't forget fresh batteries.

10. Old Cell Phone: Did you know that your old cell phone is still useful? Even if it no longer receives service, federal law requires that cell phones must be able to call 911!  Consider charging up your old cell phone, then placing the phone and that charger in your trunk. You never know when you might need it one day.

Keep these ten items in your trunk, and no matter what the situation - you'll be prepared! From a blown tire to broken mirror, or zombie apocalypse to comfortable knees, this list has you covered!