6 Weekend DIY Fall Projects For Your Home

As the evenings start to become chillier, and the days get a little breezier, we know that fall weather is here. The leaves start changing colors, and the air gets a little bit crisper. Of course, the most obvious sign that fall is here... pumpkin spice everything!  Now that the new season is officially here, it's time to get some chores completed! Here are some DIY fall projects you can do with just a little bit of elbow grease, and a single weekend. 

What you'll need to complete these projects:

  • Basic tools from your toolbox
  • Big boy or big girl pants (no complaining here!)
  • Knee pads 
  • A cooler full of beer (or spiked seltzers if that's your thing) to keep you motivated all weekend, and to reward yourself when you're done.


1.  Landscaping

No more using the summer heat as an excuse!  It's time to get outside and spruce up your curb appeal or backyard.  There are some great landscaping projects that take very little effort, money and time over at Backyard Boss. Some notable suggestions are creating a hose holder and planter, make a tree bench, and add crushed stone to a walkway.

Don't forget to trim back branches and bushes.  When winter storms hit, you don't want a branch smacking into the side of your house. Low-hanging foliage should be cut back so that you have several feet between it and your home.

2.  Insulation & Weatherstripping

That cold, seasonal air starts coming more frequently this time of year. You'll definitely notice it in your home if your weatherstripping needs to be replaced. Inspect the stripping around your windows and doors (including garage doors).  If they are faded or worn down, they should be replaced. Caulking is also an inexpensive, easy solution to seal up spaces.

Don't forget to check attic windows and openings too! If you can see light passing through cracks or breaks in the attic structure, you could have air leaks. Don't forget that creepy critters can also get inside via these small openings.  Adding  some foam insulation should do the trick!

3.  Gardening

Perennial flowers and plants need extra insulation and protection during the cooler months.  Carefully distribute mulch around them, to keep them warmer. You'll also want to cut them back and discard the dead flowers & leaves. 

Plant your spring bulbs once the evenings start dipping into the 50-degree range or lower. Get these ready, plant them, then mulch.  You'll have gorgeous, blooming flowers in the spring, thanks to your hard work in the fall!

 HGTV.com has a great list of fall gardening tips you can tackle, too!

 4. Roofing

Guess what comes with the fall?  The promise of wind, rain, and snow in the coming months!  But by winter, it's too dangerous to be replacing loose shingles or fixing damage to your roof. Get that done during a free weekend this season. This project works best when you grab your buddies, turn on some classic rock, and reward yourselves at the end of the day with some beer.

Your roof needs to be in good shape to resist wind, rain and snow. Replace any missing shingles and fix other signs of damage before those eyesores turn into serious and expensive leaking problems. Bob Vila has some great tutorials on specific DIY roofing repairs.

5. Gutters

It's almost time for your gutters to start getting more attention! While the gutters might be excited about this, knowing that you'll be scooping leaves isn't fun. Clean them out before it starts getting windy, wet, and cold outside. It'll help them from overflowing when the rain and snow hit. Don't forget - if there are leaves packed in a gutter, there's no room for the rain and snow to go. This can cause serious damage to your roof!

6. Floors & Carpets

Spring and summer keep us outside - BBQs, outdoor activities, sports.... and that's tracked in a LOT of mud and debris through the walkways in your home. Cleaning the floors and carpets now, when the weather is just starting to cool off is the key. It needs to be done before it gets too cold to open windows for ventilation. 

Did you know you can rent floor cleaners and carpet cleaners from Home Depot? These are great for heavy duty or large areas, and it's way better than spending the day on your knees, scrubbing with a brush like Cinderella! Although, if that's more your style, Strap on your Ogre Shield Knee Pads, and mix up this concoction and get to scrubbing:

  • ½ cup ammonia
  • 3 teaspoons liquid dish soap (like Dawn)
  • one gallon HOT water
  • a few drops of your wife's essential oils (please ask her, first)

7.  Fireplace & Chimney

Santa is coming in just a few months. Give him a chimney he'd be proud to slide down, and a fireplace he'd be comfortable landing in. Whether you have a wood, gas, or electric fireplace, it's always a good idea to give it a good cleaning and inspection before firing it up in the coming months.

Chimney sweeps are super busy in the fall - so you might need to do this yourself. Don't worry - the awesome guys at Family Handyman have a step-by-step guide to being your own chimney sweep. You can also just search for DIY videos on YouTube-  but no matter how you do it, just do it. A clogged chimney can cause serious damage to your home if left unchecked.

Start these simple DIY fall projects now, and you'll be glad you did before harsh weather hits! None should take you longer than a weekend. Some might even take less time, allowing you to still watch football on Sunday!