15 Quick Safety Tips to Live By

  1. Safety Glasses - All in favor say EYE. You can eat with false teeth, but you can't see with a glass eye. Remember to wear safety glasses any time your eyes are at risk.
  2. Move your ladder to avoid reaching. Every year, hundreds of people die in ladder-related accidents and thousands are injured. If you must reach for something, climb back down and move the ladder.
  3. While on a ladder, never step back to admire your work. Does this need any further explanation?
  4. If caught in a riptide: go with the flow. A riptide is not going to pull you under water, but it will pull you away from shore. Call and wave for help. You want to float. Swimming against the current will only make you tired.
  5. Informed is better than deformed. Before using any new equipment, read and fully understand the manufacturer's instructions. Remember Tim from Tool Time? It is a miracle he didn't kill anyone.
  6. A wound neglected is a wound infected. In case of injury, remember "rice"- rest, ice, compress, and elevate.
  7. If the cord has a fray, throw it away. If a live wire is exposed, it could cause an electric fire. A frayed or nicked cord could also cause a shock when handled. If cords become frayed on nicked, it is best to replace them.
  8. Be visible when biking or jogging, wear reflective material. When jogging, run against the traffic flow.
  9. When it's hot, drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration is no joke! Symptoms of dehydration are diarrhea, vomiting, and death.
  10. Leave horseplay to horses. If the little voice inside your head says, "I wonder if this is safe to do?", it probably isn't.
  11. Eliminate fire hazards. When using combustible materials, only keep the amount you need for the task at hand. When not using flammable material, store it in a safe area.
  12. Protect your knees! More than half of knee injuries are due to wear and tear. It is possible to prevent these types of injuries by wearing knee pads. Need a pair? Check out Ogre Shield Easy Knee Pads.
  13. Think sharp! Never handle broken glass with bare hands. Broken glass can cause lacerations, cuts, and puncture wounds, which may result in severed arteries or tendons, amputations, eye injuries, or exposure to disease. If something is falling, let it drop! Catching it may cause glassware to break in your hand. It is best to wear cut-resistant gloves when cleaning up broken glass.
  14. To avoid a scene, keep your workplace clean. Clean, dry floors prevent slips and falls. Disinfectants help prevent the spread of germs and illness. This is especially helpful during flu season. Proper disposal of waste and recyclable materials keeps a work area free of clutter. Also, no clutter, no breeding ground for pests.
  15. Smoke detectors make good stocking stuffers. Smoke alarms save lives. The International Association of Firefighters recommends the use of photoelectric smoke alarms. Photoelectric alarms are less likely to sound nuisance alarms and less likely to be disabled as a result. Include some candy in the stocking as well.